Austria, Parzauner Hütte chalet

Carinthia, N 46.748767 E 13.692151

The Parzauner Hütte chalet is situated on an isolated meadow in Fresach amid a mountain idyll at an altitude of 1400 m. Far away from the hubbub of civilisation, there's neither running water nor mains power. To let the chalet's guests move about safely outdoors at night, solar lights are needed that reliably illuminate the way with bright light whenever necessary, even in the depths of winter. A case for MissionXSolar – and the sensor-switched solar lights from STEINEL.

Germany, Honkenswarf farm

Hallig Langeness island, N 54.643446 E 8.620889

Honkenswarf farm stands on the 10 km 2 North Frisian island of Langeness. Inclement weather and the lack of protective dykes make flooding part of life for the island's inhabitants, in just the same way as the fresh North Sea air and an unreliable power supply are. A place that's predestined for demonstrating the constant performance of XSolar lights. The MissionXSolar in the North Sea shows: on Honkenswarf farm, you can always rely on bright solar light even on gloomy days.

Spain, Solo Pezo

Matarraña, N 40.882815 E 0.233861

Solo Pezo is a unique architectural project in the open countryside – far away from civilisation and any conventional power supply. A perfect milestone for our MissionXSolar. After all, the imposing building's ultra-modern architecture also needs a lighting solution that's just as pioneering as it is reliable, and one that also manages without mains power. Which STEINEL XSolar lights impressively demonstrate.